Welcome To PleasureTown: Ray Goldberg

Like a well-watered sapling, our PleasureTown family continues to grow. What began as 2 work-husbands and 2 interns has blossomed into a staff of 10. This season we’re happy to welcome 3 new staff members to the team. Let’s get to know them, yes?

First, Tell us a little bit about yourself! Give us your origin story.

RG: I got the writing bug in middle school, courtesy of my epic four-part Kingdom Hearts fan-fiction. In high school I wrote some original screenplays, and flirted with the idea of a real career in media. I agonized for a while over whether or not I should play it safe and get an engineering degree, but then I remembered that both math and science freak me out, so I went off and majored in Screen Arts & Cultures at the University of Michigan. After graduation I came back to Chicago to write and produce media, and now here I am!

What inspires you to be a creator?

RG: I was a weird, lonely, anxious kid, so I spent my free time with movies and video games instead of people. I gravitated toward underdog stories, stories that gave me hope, stories that told me it was okay to be different. When I finally met other people who loved the same stories that I did, that got me to start opening up. If my work can inspire the weird kids, and help them find each other, that’ll be my most meaningful success.

What scares you about being a creator?

RG: I get psyched out by overanalyzing whether or not my audience will actually like what I’m doing. You can’t please everyone, but that doesn’t stop me from trying, even if I’m wringing my brain out in the process. The trick is to stop stressing over perfection and write what feels right.

How did you first learn about the PleasureTown podcast?

RG: I learned about PleasureTown last year because our associate producer Brady had an internship at the film organization where I worked. I went over his resume the night before I interviewed him, and he mentioned this podcast. I ended up marathoning half of season one and gushing about it during the interview.

If you could be any character from PleasureTown who would you be? Why?

RG: Oh boy. I’m most similar to Remy, what with constantly trying to balance out my mental shenanigans with hard work and optimism. As for which character I’d most want to be, let’s go with Ma Barker. Mostly the independence and empowering the community and not so much the punching. But maybe a little bit of the punching.

What is your theme song?

RG: “All in All (This One Last Wild Waltz),” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Thematically speaking it’s not so relevant to my life, but it gets me amped 10 times out of 10. I’m assuming “theme song” here means “the song that is now contractually obligated to play whenever I enter a room,” so please herald me with wailing and banjos.


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