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Like a well-watered sapling, our PleasureTown family continues to grow. What began as 2 work-husbands and 2 interns has blossomed into a staff of 10. This season we’re happy to welcome 3 new staff members to the team. Let’s get to know them, yes?

First, Tell us a little bit about yourself! Give us your origin story.

Born in Asia, American since a month old. Lifelong Chicago-area resident who judges you harshly if you refer to it as “Chicagoland.”

What inspires you to be a creator?
The chance to offer a spotlight to untold or otherwise unknown stories of people or events. Narrative acrobatics and the manipulation of language for either good or evil ends.

What scares you about being a creator?
The possibility that one can spend years of their life creating something that turned out to be the wrong way–or at least, not the best way–of creating it.

How did you first learn about the PleasureTown podcast?
Through friends who were working on the writing and production–staff writer Gwynn Fulcher, as well as character actors Trevor Dawkins (Pilfer/Featherbone) and Dan Kerr (Bulger). I was taken with the way the show combined history, character-driven narrative, and strong, vivid language.

If you could be any character from PleasureTown who would you be? Why?
The Bartender. There’s an attractive certainty about his days in and out. He knows everybody and has no fear of what’s to come.

What is your theme song?
Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” for opening credits. Beth Orton’s “Thinking About Tomorrow” for closing credits.


You can keep up with Bilal on Facebook and Twitter. 

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