Season Three

  • | EP 312

    With Fists Raised

    In the season finale, Amelia teams up with Ma Barker and Eli to enact vengeance upon Enid Wallace and save the town from certain demise.

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  • | EP 311

    Hear The Sparrow

    Frantic and alone, Remy is driven to the wilderness by a betrayal and her voices.

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  • | EP 310

    Burden Of Truth

    Unable to combat Daniel’s demons by herself, Bethany gets a little help from a demon of her own. Meanwhile, Enid Wallace presents Amelia with a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

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  • | EP 309

    The Most Joy

    Eli, Eve, and Flo reflect on their pasts and futures, hopes and reservations, faiths and follies. Meanwhile, Ms. Wallace joins Mr. Goose at one of PleasureTown’s more secretive venues to celebrate her railroad.

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  • | EP 308

    Rebuilding This Place

    With the town in desperate need of financial help, the Clerk holds a State of the Town address to lay out the pros and cons of the new railroad. Meanwhile, as Bethany aids the lost spirits of PleasureTown, Daniel continues to ensnare them.

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  • | EP 307

    The Good In Ourselves

    This week on PleasureTown, Remy is challenged when one of the more troubled members of her support group rejects help. Meanwhile, Amelia blows the dust off her gloves and goes a few rounds with her old friend, Ma Barker.

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  • | EP 306

    Gnarled Remains

    This week on PleasureTown, Skippy, the town clerk, takes stock of what is left of in the wake of the Great Fire, all the while trying to manage the out-of-touch founders. Meanwhile, Elijah, leader of the newly displaced residents, strikes a deal with Enid Wallace to secure provisions for those under his care.

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  • | EP 305

    Smoke and Embers

    Amelia and Remy bond over making their totems for the Feast of the Wretched. Meanwhile, the medium Daniel encounters a spirit who tries to console his lovesick heart.

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  • | EP 304

    Heart Still Beating

    As Remy’s mental state worsens, life for her in PleasureTown becomes increasingly unbearable. Now she must confront her inner demons with the help of a familiar face.

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  • | EP 303

    Certain Dignity

    An opportunity to stimulate the floundering economy of PleasureTown presents itself in the form of Enid Wallace, a wealthy railroad baroness who wishes to build her tracks through the town. How will the townspeople react to her proposal?

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  • | EP 302

    Sinners At Every Turn

    Meet Bethany and Daniel, two amorous teens from Louisiana who are gifted with the ability to speak to the dead. Meanwhile, Claude and Cyrus struggle to find the finances for repairs as the town shows increasing signs of wear.  

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  • | EP 301

    A Thin Connection

    Amelia recalls her father’s abusive self-interest to tell how she came to be the proprietor of the town’s Inn. Remy, daughter to a family of wealthy English aristocrats, is sent away to live in the States after showing signs of mental illness.   

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