• | EP 12

    The Human Form

    A nudist who is known for her pink parasol describes an encounter with a pair of Irish siblings. One loves her, and one wishes to possess her.

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  • | EP 11

    It Takes A Village

    PleasureTown may be a playground for the liberated, but for one young man, being born into a world so focused on pleasure made life nearly unbearable. This is his story.

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  • | EP 10

    How It Works

    In this minisode, we meet a nameless PleasureTown resident as he recounts a chance meeting with a tormented Claude, who is haunted by memories of his father…and what he did. This minisode was written by PleasureTown Super Friend Richard Izzo.

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  • | EP 9

    Bad Water

    Fear and hate go hand in hand. This is a lesson Hong, a Chinese immigrant, must learn as he traverses the Wild West to build a new home in Oklahoma. Will Hong be able to conquer the perils of his adopted land or will he succumb to the hatred of its people?

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  • | EP 8

    Rule of Symmetry

    Clara, a young mathematician and PleasureTown native, decides to leave her family and community behind. Although Clara sets out to forge her own identity, it begins to dawn on her that life might have an all-encompassing symmetry that isn’t so easy to escape.

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  • | EP 7

    The Same Flower

    In PleasureTown’s seventh and final “minisode,” we meet a young New York City couple with big dreams of small town living. But money is tight and trouble abounds. Will the couple make it to the fabled utopia, or will they get lost along the way? Written by Bob Garick, this is part of our “Write […]

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  • Minisode 6

    | EP 6

    The Shadows

    In the thrilling conclusion to the Fantasy Fair & Freak Show trilogy, tough-talking Frank and the mysterious Mirella come to Pete’s aid while Mr. Blythe attempts to confront Buster about their altercation. Will the unlikely trio be able to rescue Sal, Buster and all the other children from the clutches of Crandle Philing? This installment […]

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  • Minisode 5

    | EP 5

    Legitimate Medicine

    In PleasureTown’s fifth minisode, we are introduced to smooth-talking huckster Nicholas Morrison, a new arrival in PleasureTown who makes his living as a slinger of suspicious solutions. Soon after his arrival, Nicholas enlists the help of aging Darlin and drunken Mortimer to help con his way into the hearts and minds of the PleasureTowners. Will […]

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  • Minisode 4

    | EP 4

    Nothing But Hungry

    In PleasureTown’s fourth “minisode,” we continue the story of Crandle Philing’s Fantasy Fair and Freak Show. Suspicions rise among the carnival workers as more strange happenings occur among the children. Will Buster, Sal and Pete escape, or will they remain trapped forever as one of Crandle’s diligent servants? This installment marks a collaboration with the Reading […]

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  • Minisode 3

    | EP 3

    My Life Wandering

    In PleasureTown’s third “minisode,” we flash forward to the present, where we meet young Mason Bowen, a student at Enid State University. As part of his college thesis, he interviews Mr. Johnstone, an elderly man who visited the fabled PleasureTown as a boy. But is Mr. Johnstone’s account as credible as he’d like Mason to believe?  […]

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  • | EP 2

    All Sorts of Trouble

    In PleasureTown’s second “minisode,” a local shopkeeper with an axe to grind has a run-in with a band of youthful hoodlums. But there’s opportunity to set the children on the straight and narrow when a traveling carnival rolls into town and offers to take PleasureTown’s young miscreants under its care. This installment marks a collaboration […]

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  • Minisode 1

    | EP 1

    By My Own Hands

    In PleasureTown’s first “minisode,” we meet Esther, the town seamstress, who spins a yarn about her lost heritage and life under the watchful eye of the menacing Miz Janine. This is part of our “Write an Episode” contest, which follows the completion of our first season. You can listen to all of Season 1 now!

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