Q&A: Staff Writer Gwynn Fulcher

Us: I thought you’d be taller.

Gwynn: Hoo boy. Me too. Me. Too.

Who are the top five influential women in your life?

I would love to name drop some activists and authors so I could seem cooler than I actually am, but to be honest right now my top 5 ladies are all in my own family: My Mom and my sister, who are both amazingly tough and thoughtful women, and whom I’ve looked up to for as long as I can remember. And my three nieces: Aristea, Arianna and Audrianna. Aristea’s in her teens, and she’s already a writer who blows me away. As for my little twin sobrinas, they are the brightest, most outgoing motivators I know. I think about all of these ladies all the time, they each help me be a better person.

What is a genre you wish you could write but you are absolutely horrible at?

Mysteries. Agatha Christie, Sir Conan Doyle and C.J. Sansom know (or knew) what they’re doing, and I’ll happily leave it to them and read everything under the sun they’ve written.

BONUS: In a game of MASH with the PT family, what did you end up with?

I’m a reporter who lives in a shack, drives a shopping cart, is married to Dr. Gregory House with zero kids and has a dire wolf as a pet. This is not the life I want, but I daresay it is the one I deserve.

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