Lucinda Eells

Q&A: Lucinda Eells

Lucinda Eells is in the second grade and is already making a name and voice for herself. Minisode 4, Nothing But Hungry, is her third voiceover job. She played the role of Pete in the continued story of Crandle Philing’s Fantasy Fair and Freak Show. She enjoys being a voice actor but still wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up. Lucinda is NOT a fan of TerraNova tests but enjoys cartoons, being silly and making funny voices with her dad, Brandon Paul Eells.

This week, Lucinda granted the PleasureTown Historical Society an exclusive interview.

How would you describe your character?

Um, I don’t really know. I would describe him as young. He has an older sister…and that’s all I’ve got.

What do you have in common with your character and how are you different?

We both have faces and hair and noses and mouths and eyes. And we are both people. But I am a girl and he is not a girl.

What was the greatest challenge in finding your character?

Well, I am a girl and he is a boy. Also, I’m not in a gang. It was hard when I was holding onto Buster’s leg and I had to pretend that he was kicking me off. And I had to act like a boy. That was different.

If you lived in PleasureTown, what would be your occupation/pastime?

I like grooming horses, so I would probably be a horse groomer.

Listen to Lucinda in Minisodes 2 + 4 now!


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