Lauren Leigh Demerath

Q&A: Lauren Demerath

Lauren Demerath is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago where she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree with a major in theatre performance. Lauren is an associate company member of TUTA Theatre Chicago and also a company member of the up and coming Saltbox Theatre Collective.  This past year Lauren joined the faculty of the Second City Training Center where she teaches voice and speech and dialects.  Lauren is also a part-time singer and performs throughout the Midwest with The All American Sweethearts- A Salute to The Andrew Sisters. Her professional acting credits include TUTA’s production of The Jewels (Ensemble and Maiden) TUTA’s The Anyway Cabaret (Ensemble), First Folio Theatre’s production ofCymbeline (ensemble), The Towle Theatre’sA Fabulous 50’s Christmas (ensemble) and Just Passing By Theatre Company’s productions of The Glass Menagerie (Laura), Cabaret (Sally) and Yellow Light (Gina).

How would you describe your character, Kate?

Kate is playful and mysterious while also being sincere.  While Kate cares a lot about Cy, she is also a woman who knows how to effectively press his buttons.  She is compassionate to what Cy is going through while being unafraid to speak her mind.

Do you believe Kate was real, or just a figment of Old Cy’s imagination?

I think there is enough evidence to support both her being real and imaginary.  Because Kate speaks exclusively in quotes I can easily believe that she is a conjuring of Cy’s loneliness.  However, for Cyrus’s sake, I hope that she is real.

If you could have one character from literature mysteriously appear in your life and deliver a motivational dialogue to snap you out of a funk, who would it be and why?

I’m a big fan of Sherman Alexi.  All of his characters have big hearts and go through so much; any one of his characters would be sufficient but I would really love to meet a young man named Zits.  If Zits from Flight magically appeared in a library and told me to snap out of it, I undoubtedly would get my act together.  Zits would take the time to listen to my woes but also show me some tough love.

What was the most fun moment to act out in this episode?

The most fun part for me was the moment where Kate very cryptically asks Cy to marry her.  It comes out of nowhere but is also very tender and sincere.

If you lived in PleasureTown, what would be your occupation or past-time?

I would totally be the town baker.  It is a favorite past-time of mine to make bread in real life and every town needs a baker.  In addition to baking bread, cakes, and other tasty goods, I would also sing old folk tunes in the saloon at night.  If the fine citizens of PleasureTown want fresh bread in the morning they will have to buy me booze first.


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