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Q&A: Joe Janes

PleasureTown is lucky to have an assortment of writing talent contribute their skills to flesh out our story. One of these writers, who crafted Mudd’s story in episode 5 of season 2, is Joe Janes.

Joe Janes is an Emmy award-winning writer who teaches comedy writing and improvisation at The Second City Training Center and Columbia College in Chicago. He wrote for Jellyvision’s “You Don’t Know Jack” and Saturday

Night Live’s’  “Weekend Update.” Three books compile many of his own sketches and short plays: 365 Sketches, 50 Plays and Seven Deadly Plays. His full-length plays include: Metaluna and the Science of the Mind Revue, A Hard Day’s Journey Into Night and Always Never.

Joe also serves as the artistic director of Robot vs. Dinosaur, which created the beach blanket musical Attack At Bikini Werewolf Beach, Part 2. His satirical comedy, Our Christian Nation, will be a part of The Waukegan Theatre Festival this summer.

How would you describe your character?

Mudd may not be the sharpest knife in the pet store, but he’s always thinking. The wobbly wheels are always turning. I like his unpredictability, which, of course, makes complete sense to Mudd.

What was the most fun moment to write in this episode?

His internal monologues were the most fun. I liked writing when he was figuring out what to do with his three dollars and I also liked writing about his internal reactions to meeting Adrianne. There’s an innocence there with big ol’ heapings of deviance.

Mudd seems to be a character who just wants to watch the world burn. But do you think we can pity him just a little bit at the end?

Just a little. I think we see there was once hope for him as a boy and it was cruelly dashed. He does also have a special bond with his sister.

If you lived in PleasureTown, what would be your occupation or past-time?

I’d be the guy who worked the telegraph machine and worked at the newspaper. I’d get invited to a lot of things because people would hope I’d put their name in the paper when I wrote about going to their soiree or church potluck. It would also get me free drinks at the saloon.


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