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Q&A: Ian Belknap

Ian Belknap is the founder and Overlord of WRITE CLUB, and editor of the forthcoming collection Bare-Knuckled Lit: The Best of WRITE CLUB. He is also the somber voice of The Bartender in Episode 8: Of Vigilance and Worry. WRITE CLUB has chapters in five North American cities, and has given over $10,000 to charities of every description. He has performed at most of the live lit shows in Chicago, and his writing has appeared in Printers Row Journal, Crain’s Chicago Business, The Daily Dot, and elsewhere. His full-length solo shows include Bring Me the Head of James Franco, That I May Prepare a Savory Goulash in the Narrow and Misshapen Pot of His Skull and Wide Open Beaver Shot of My Heart: A Comedy With a Body Count.

This week, The PleasureTown Historical Society sat down with Ian to discuss just how similar he and The Bartender happen to be.

How would you describe the Bartender?

I always try to bring equal parts Nick Cave and Ron Swanson to every interpretation of a role.

What do you have in common with the Bartender? How are you different?

I have killed thirty-one men. I have not traveled as extensively.

What was the greatest challenge in finding your character?

No challenge was detected.

If you lived in PleasureTown, what would be your occupation and or/pastime?


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