Don Hall

Q&A: Don Hall

Don Hall is a storyteller, cultural organizer, events producer, provocateur, podcaster, actor, director, and generally a pleasant guy to hang with (as long as you don’t poke the gorilla…).

Formerly a theatrical producer, a public school teacher, a massage school facilities manager, and a homeless busker, he currently makes a living as the Director of Live Events for WBEZ/Vocalo, Chicago’s two public radio stations, and is the Caucasian host of The Moth StorySlams.

You can hear him sound off on the underground art scene in Chicago with his cohort, Tyler Greene, on the WBEZ podcast “General Admission,” or just ask him in person if you have a few hours.

Don does a lot. So we’re incredibly grateful that he makes time to be an essential part of the PleasureTown family. This week, the PleasureTown Historical Society sat down with Mr. Don Hall to discuss the life of a Sheriff and the potential of a PleasureTown Cheer Squad.

How would you describe The Sheriff?

Randall Flagg from The Stand.

What do you have in common with The Sheriff? How are you different?

I suppose I can be intimidating on some level but not out of violent creepiness. Also, I’m from the South.

What was the greatest challenge in finding your character?

Deciding whether or not he smiles. He does. All the time. He just doesn’t laugh.

If you lived in PleasureTown, what would be your occupation and or/pastime?

Girl’s Cheerleading Coach and Personal Trainer.

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