Q&A: Claude LeDue

Last Name Tombstones

I’m one of the founders of PleasureTown, and I also served as the settlement’s first mayor after winning a lively debate against my long-time friend and philosophical adversary, Cyrus. I enjoy a good glass of whiskey and the company of a pretty lady. I was born and raised in Mississippi, spent a good time along the Gulf Coast and made a reputation with my silver tongue, which got me just as much trouble as it did reward.

Let’s start with an easy one: Who are you wearing?

Buckskin jacket. Not sure what the deer’s name was. Jim? Yeah, let’s just go with Jim.

You’re a man who enjoys a good libation. What are you drinking?

My drink of choice is anything brown and boozy. Can’t go wrong with a good glass of whiskey or bourbon straight up.

Weapon of choice in a bar fight?

Not one for violence. Prefer to settle things over a heated conversation and a beer. But if I had to choose, I’d say my fists. Real men don’t need weapons to wage a fair fight.

As one of the more, erm, “eligible” bachelors about PleasureTown, maybe you could take us through your ideal date.

 Sure. Well, we’d probably start with a nice candlelit meal at Wholesome Gulch. Steak with a side of bacon, or perhaps chicken with a side of steak. Then we’d make a stop at the Kaiser’s cabaret and catch a show. Maybe one of those can-can dances that are so popular. Maybe we could even talk to the can-can girls afterward, and maybe my date and one of the can-can girls and I could then take a nice walk by the Rising River and then take a breather under the stars. And then whatever happens next, well that’s just among me, my date, the can-can girl and the good Lord.

If you weren’t one of the town founders, what else do you think you would have done in PleasureTown?

 Always had a leader mindset. Not much of a follower. So I’d say I’d probably start my own religion. Claudism or something. We’d do a lot of communion, by which I mean the drinking part.

What’s your favorite show on television right now?

 Always been a fan of Deadwood. Looking forward to HBO’s West World. Also, Modern Family. It’s a contemporary single-camera comedy but with real heart.

What do you miss most about being among the living?              

The sensation of touch. When you’re a spirit, you’re kind of permeable, you know? Like stuff just passes through you most the time. What I wouldn’t give to just feel, well, anything again.


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