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Q&A: Brooke Allen

We’ve got a Shaman, a Sheriff, and a Doctor. But the town was missing something-someone to lead the youth, someone to teach. And then God gave them the incomparable Brooke Allen, who’s writing is feature in Episode 7: Flashes of Fire. Brooke Allen brings us PleasureTown’s newest resident: Angie the schoolteacher. Brooke is a graduate of Webster University. If you’re a Chicagoan, you may have seen her work in Sketchbook 2049 (Collaboraction 2014), “The Deer” (Making Productions, London (2014) / The Ruckus, 2014), “The Life and Death of Madam Barker” (Red Tape Theatre), or “Coyote” (The Side Project, 2013).

Brooke has been an Artist In Residence with The Ruckus since 2012, was the 2013 Playwright in Residence at Red Tape Theatre and is the current Resident Playwright with Bailiwick Chicago. She is also an experienced storyteller and has performed with Mortified, Guts and Glory, Solo in the Second City, The Paper Machete and You’re Being Ridiculous.

Today the PleasureTown Historical Society sat down with Brooke to talk Angie, the supernatural, and a classic Disney film.

How would you describe your Angie?

Angie reminds me in a strange way of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Sort of an outcast in her own society, trying to keep to herself, banished and then able to rediscover herself under strange circumstances in a new environment.

What was the greatest challenge in finding the character of Angie?

The greatest challenge in finding my character was tapping into Angie’s supernatural side. I wanted to make sure that her psychic abilities always walked the line between powerful gift and frustrating disability.

If you lived in PleasureTown, what would be your occupation and/or pastime?

If I lived in Pleasuretown I would want to work at any of the local hang out spots like the saloon or a cafe. I feel like it would be very important to me to be where I could hear all the latest gossip because it would be certain to always be amazing.


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