Episode 304: Heart Still Beating

Tip of the hat to you listeners, and thanks again for joining us! Now, prepare to embark on another voyage into PleasureTown!

This week, we follow Remy as her mental state continues to unravel, plunging her into the depths of her disorder. Now, she must confront her inner demons, but she won’t go at it alone. At her side will be help, offered by a familiar face.

Make sure to pop in those headphones for this one because we have created a sonic symphony of a soundscape, and normal old speakers just aren’t going to do it justice.

On another note, we here at PleasureTown are greatly indebted to you, our faithful and beautiful audience, for helping our Kickstarter campaign fund yet another thrilling season of the show. And so we’d like to take a moment to say thank you.


“Thank You.”


Know that PleasureTown would not be possible without your love and support. For more ways that you can help bring PleasureTown to life, mosey on over to our Join The Story Page, and see how you (yes you) can contribute.

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