A Trail to Treasure: Warren Featherbone’s Map & Records

The PleasureTown Historical Society is pleased to present yet another fantastic find! After extensive research, which was many times obstructed by his multiple aliases, we have uncovered a record and a map of Warren Featherbone III’s treasure hunt through the Far East.

We knew that Mr. Featherbone had managed to gain possession of the Cintamani Stone, a powerful artifact that grants its owner’s wishes. But, until now, we didn’t know how and by what means he came to acquire it. Below are scans of the map and record that we recovered.

Want to hear more about the life (and death) of Warren Featherbone III? Check out our episode Years of Mayhem for more of the story.

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The notes read as follows:

Fuzhou, China – Father said, “Begin with the sun.” Location was a wasteland. Town legends clouding my direction. Trusted man gave me hope ($4 US). Tells me to go to place the chest fell from the sky in the time of King Lha Thorthori Nyantsen. 2 weeks gone.

Batang, China (Tibet) – Found/bought piece of original chest ($7 US). Carvings inside, difficult to make out. Language difficult, must find help. “Om Mani Beme Hum.” Woman who sold the chest tells me to continue West. Will consult Father’s notes. 5 weeks gone.

Kathmandu, Nepal. Traveled to the Kathmandu Valley. Walked the journey barefoot for good luck. Paid herbalist for spiritual tea (10¢ US). Had vision of Father with head of elephant. India is next. 10 weeks gone.

Delhi, India. Daydreamed of the stone. It was blue as the sky. Woke up blinded by the sun. Visited market and met a blind guru. Told me to visit the Nageshvara Temple ($5 US). 13 weeks gone.

Bangalore, India. Recruited local to show me to the temple ($1 US). Beautiful site. Noticed an odd arrangement. Guide told me it is a “linga.” Against his wishes, I broke it open. Met with blinding blue glow. Eureka! 17 weeks gone.

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