Johnny Moran

Q&A: Johnny Moran

Johnny is an actor and Jeff Award nominated fight choreographer from Chicago. He has worked with companies such as A Red Orchid, The Gift, Writer’s Theatre, The Griffin, The Hypocrites, Black Ensemble, Strawdog, and is a member of the Factory Theater.  You can follow him on Twitter @JohnnyMoDigital or check out his social media pages here and here.

How would you describe your character?

Smith is a man of principle. He has decided to put down roots in this town, and wants to keep this dream alive.

Besides the fact that they saved each other’s lives, why do you think that Smith and Mayor LeDue are so close?

I think they balance each other out. Smith is a person the Mayor leans on. Smith looks to the Mayor for his courage, but that has waned as of late.

What is it like taking on a role that has already been written in and acted out by somebody else?

I like the challenge because I listened to the past episode to get a sense of his past, and it helped inform my choices.

What do you think Smith does in his free time when not trying to run the town?

I think he enjoys moments of solitude where he can look out at the prairie and remember why he came here.

What would your occupation or pastime be in PleasureTown?

I would be a bartender, since I am in real life, as well, and have the personality that suits the job.


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